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Conserve Energy This Winter

When I travel to nearby mountain towns or beaches, I’m amazed at the beauty of nature. At these times, I often try to come up with things I can do to protect our environment. If you want to become more environmentally-conscious, consider conserving energy. To use less energy at your home this winter, think about investing in professional window treatments. You might also want to turn your thermostat down when you retire to bed each night. Only heating the rooms of your home you use daily is also a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover important tips to help you conserve energy during the cold weather months.


Reasons Why You Need To Get Rid Of Wet Insulation

If your home has an odd smell, such as mildew, that spreads from the attic to the rest of the building, there's a good chance that you have wet insulation. This is a major pain due to the fact that it costs a ton of money to take out and replace the insulation. You probably don't want to replace all of your roof's insulation if it is not wet. Instead, you want to identify where the wet areas are and replace those areas in particular. One way to do this is to use an infrared roof scan, which is able to create a heat map and accurately identify where your roof has wet insulation. Here are some reasons why you need to get rid of wet insulation as soon as possible.

1. Wet Insulation Drives Up Heating Costs

If you have wet insulation, your insulating attempts are not going to be nearly as effective and more hot air is going to escape your house than it would otherwise. This is a problem because it will therefore cost you more to heat your home since a lot of what you're heating is going to waste. In order to keep your heating bills manageable, you will want to restore the integrity of your roof's insulation and do whatever you can to remove and replace the wet insulation.

2. Wet Insulation Molds

The second reason why you want to get rid of wet insulation is that it tends to grow mold quickly since it is in a dark environment. This can spread to the rest of your insulation, doing damage. It can also spread to the structure of your house if it is not checked and do permanent damage that will be costly to repair. Identify and get rid of wet insulation as quickly as possible in order to avoid having this happen to your home.

3. Wet Insulation Can Overwhelm Your Structure

Wet insulation is a lot heavier than dry insulation. This results in the structure of your house bearing more weight than it might be designed to. This can cause cracks in your foundation and in the very structure of your home, which could make your home unsafe to live in and provoke very expensive repairs. Identifying and removing the wet insulation is much cheaper.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in infrared roof scans, such as Beach Infrared. They will be able to help identify the wet insulation that you might be suffering from.