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Conserve Energy This Winter

When I travel to nearby mountain towns or beaches, I’m amazed at the beauty of nature. At these times, I often try to come up with things I can do to protect our environment. If you want to become more environmentally-conscious, consider conserving energy. To use less energy at your home this winter, think about investing in professional window treatments. You might also want to turn your thermostat down when you retire to bed each night. Only heating the rooms of your home you use daily is also a good idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover important tips to help you conserve energy during the cold weather months.


How Environmental Efforts Actually Save City Governments Money

With reduced tax bases and increased expenses, small city governments across the U.S. are seeking ways to save money. While the initial expenditure of "going green"—utilizing environmentally friendly ways to manage city functions—can require upfront money in the budget, operating costs will go down over time. Here are two ways that city governments can save money and protecting the environment. Propane Vehicles Cities often operate heavy vehicles like trucks and buses that don't get great mileage and consume large amounts of gasoline or diesel fuel. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Reduce Your Heating Bill

One of the most expensive times of year for your gas bill is the winter since you will need to turn your heating system on more often. Since it is not really possible for many people to simply forego using their heating system, listed below are just a few tips that can help you reduce your gas and heating bills. Upgraded Thermostat One of the easiest ways to lower your utility bill in the winter is to ensure that you have as much control over your thermostat and heater as possible. Read More